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riaki's journal

Battlefield clay, mouth to mouth delay


There is not much to say about myself, really...
I'm a Greek gal currently living in Germany trying to finish my MA, but I hope to get back home very soon(provided I finish my thesis in the next few months...pfff)
I enjoy slashy fanfics(especially AtG fics)and everything that has do to with Alexander the Great(yes I do have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with him),Literature,Witty Chitchat,Chilled White Wine,Coffee and Cigarettes(bad habits,I know but I'm a total caffeine and nicotine addict...gah!I must quit smoking dammit!),Manga/Anime/Comics and Shoegaze/Dream-Pop/Post-Rock/Experimental/Dark-Ambient/Balkan-Folk bands and lately also Middle Eastern tunes!Oh and everything involving the word -core at the end xD I always appreciate a good sense of humour ^.^

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Your Cute Monster Says Your Inner Demon is Pride

You have enthusiasm for almost everything you do in life. You have a super playful attitude.
You are curious about the world, and you love to learn. You rather figure people out than rush to judge them.

You can't help but have a big head sometimes.
People think you're cute because you're adventurous. You always bring some fun, which is super charming.

Chibi Usagi-san

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